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Michelle, mother of 6 year old boy

"Birdhouse Premium has been a godsend for my family."

"Birdhouse has really been a game changer. Truly. I mean it. Going back to pre-Birdhouse days... just, ugh. I missed so much important documentation. When she is at her worst days, I simply cannot sit for hours trying to hand write the day out. Thank you all for being so personal and helpful. Seriously, you guys are some of the angels that walk among us for bringing something to help simplify and streamline what sometimes feels like the ultimate madness."



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Identify Triggers

Document triggers and potential triggers to identify how/if/when they are associated with seizure activity.

Track Seizures

Record how, what, and when seizures occur, and when they don’t, so you can maintain an easy and convenient record of what happened.

Get Context & Insight

Recognize environmental factors that might be having an impact & view how seizure activity changes over time so you can prevent or anticipate seizure events in the future.

Organize Meds & Supplements

Organize medication and supplement information so you know what needs to be administered, when, why, and in what dosage, and evaluate its effectiveness.

Remember Important Contacts

Organize information about doctors, specialists, and other contacts, and save appointment notes & other important information. Share caregiving responsibility with trusted people.

View Trends, Patterns & Correlations

View 1 week, 4 weeks, or even several months at a time to visualize a new med's impact, how sleep & seizure activity correlate, and other enlightening insights into behavior & progress.

All Your Devices

Access Birdhouse on iPhone, Android, and your computer. Information syncs automatically between devices so everyone sees the same information wherever they are. 

Secure & Backed Up

Information you enter into Birdhouse is sensitive, and we treat it as such. We use the latest encryption technology to back up & protect your data, so you can worry about more important things.

Here's a look at all the great additional features you benefit from by becoming a Birdhouse Premium member

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Upgrade to Birdhouse Premium to invite your care team, identify triggers, organize meds, store important contacts, get progress reports, and help you and your family thrive.

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