Birdhouse is jam-packed with tons of helpful features to streamline and organize all the important stuff you need to remember for your child's health, well-being, and progress.

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Birdhouse keeps

everything in

one place.

No need to worry that you're not recording the "right" information in the "right" way. Birdhouse gives you the tools you need to get a full, organized, and easy to understand picture of your child. It's private, secure, and synced across your devices.

Remember meds &

who prescribed them,

their schedules, & if

they've been taken

this week.

One missed dose can be a big deal. Birdhouse helps you remember. It also helps you see what the consequences were of missing that dose, if any, so you can tell your doctor the next time you see her.

Assign a schedule to any

Medication or Therapy

& Birdhouse will keep

you on track.

Especially useful for busy families, or for children who are to take many different supplements each day. Recurring schedules prevent missed doses, accidental double dosing, and ensure consistency and accountability.

Keep a short-list of

therapists for quick

reference to important


What therapies was he getting a year ago? 3 years ago? Did they work? How often did he receive them? This can be invaluable information to have on hand. Birdhouse keeps it organized and available to you for whenever you need it.

Start by noting your

child's day on Birdhouse

instead of your paper


Doctors, therapists, and veteran parents are in agreement: the best way to know what's working and what isn't as you try new diets, therapies, and other remedies, is to track, track, track. Birdhouse makes this super easy. Plus, you can search for anything, anytime, anywhere!

Get your whole team 

on board to easily 

share important

information each day.

Remember when we were in school, there were times when we were learning about the same concept in Science class as we were in Math? It was awesome because it provided more context and made it easier to understand, so you got better grades. That's what it feels like when everyone on your team is working together, like they can do in Birdhouse. An informed team is an effective team.







Powerful graphs and

reports bring to light 

behavioral patterns so

you can learn what

works & what doesn't.

Sometimes you just need to see things from a different perspective and suddenly everything makes sense. Easily see if any meds were missed this week or this month. Did it have any effect on behavior or sleeping? Learn how often your child has meltdowns, and at what times of day. All of this, and so much more, designed to help you learn entirely new things about your child.


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Birdhouse puts you in control of your child's progress and outcomes by giving you the tools you need to stay organized, sane, and on top of it all.

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