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Interactive Email Reminders

Set up Birdhouse to email you reminders for meds, behaviors, or anything you're actively paying attention to. Easily respond to add new activities to your Birdhouse.

Reports & Exports

View plot graphs, bar charts, and build custom exports so you can understand your child in different ways and be more prepared for office visits.

Custom Activities

The free version of Birdhouse provides 8 pre-defined activity types to log– Nutrition (meds & supplements), Therapies, Moods, Poop, Meltdown, Food, Sleep, and Notes. With Premium, create your own– Seizure, Symptom, Teacher's Notes, you name it– as many as you need.

Invite & Share

Invite a spouse, teacher, therapist, and/or caregiver into your Birdhouse to improve communication and accountability, share responsibility, and work more efficiently at a team.

Birdhouse Premium gives you access to everything we have to offer, so you'll never feel like you're missing out on helpful features. You can rest easy knowing you're doing everything you can do.

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Simplify & organize your own care or someone else's by helping you identify seizure triggers, keep a medication log, evaluate diets, & ensure you're on the path to success.

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Birdhouse gives individuals and caregivers the tools they need to succeed 

Use Birdhouse to keep an easy & convenient seizure log, identify auras & triggers, organize & evaluate medications, track diets, & improve quality of life.

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