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We're a small team of friends, family, parents, & other kindhearted folks doing our part to improve the lives of those around us. Read on a bit :-)

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Birdhouse was started out of frustration.


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Ben Chutz

Dani Gillman

Adam Milgrom

Executive Team

Uwe Heiss

Sean Behan

The initial Birdhouse Team was operationally involved until September 2017

Uwe and Sean are healthcare tech veterans of more than 15 years. Together they started several companies that empower patients. Uwe's app Autism Tracker (published in 2009) was featured in The Atlantic "Families That Launch Their Own Autism Studies". CNN, Women's Health Magazine, Fast Company, Physicians' Practice Journal and several outlets in the special education field have written about his work. Sean and Uwe are a Burlington, Vermont based team with Uwe focusing on customer satisfaction and business development, and Sean heading technology. They are delighted to continue the Birdhouse mission and to grow Birdhouse's impact on how we work together as teams for people with special needs.


In the words of Birdhouse founder Dani: Autism can be a mess. I'd been tracking Little Bird's (my daughter's) activities and behaviors each day, looking for answers. For years. Was this therapy working? Was that supplement helping? How sensitive to gluten is she?

I started with paper notebooks, but that turned into a chore, more than anything. So I designed a table in Microsoft Word, printed off a hundred copies, and punched them into a 3-ring binder. I tracked sleep, supplements, poop, and general behavioral notes each day-- one sheet per day.

But then what? New therapists would page through "the binder" to get an understanding of Little Bird, but still, how do we make sense of tons of paper notes and actually see trends, patterns, and correlations? After all, wasn't that the point of taking all these notes in the first place?

When Ben came into our lives, he couldn't believe the amount of effort it took to do something that should be simple. With the amount of amazing technology available to us for even the most trivial of things, why is something as important as making sure one's child is succeeding plagued by primitive and inadequate tools? Ben said, "we can do better."

We designed Birdhouse to help our family, your family, and countless other families out there. Some say Autism is a gift, but it certainly comes with its share of challenges for everyone involved. If we can help make Autism easier for your child and your family, we're all on our way to a brighter future.

The decision to join up with Uwe, and Track and Share, was arrived at after long, careful, and deliberate consideration. Track and Share has the same passion and caring and devotion to the community that was so foundational to our operation, and they look at problems in much the same ways we do — mindful of the types of tools, resources, and flexibility needed, and how those factors work together to solve the immense challenges our fellow families experience. We felt inspired that they were best suited to continue the mission we started.

Through our conversations with Uwe, we found that his organization was set up in a way that could take all that we had built — our technology and the community that depends on it — and give it a home equipped to both address the challenges we had been facing as well as lead it forward. 

From Birdhouse Blog, August, 2017