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Set each child's profile up so that you can quickly select the options that are relevant for the behavior you are interested in. Fast, one-click entry of events.

ABC tracking

ABC Chart

The ABC Chart gets generated in real-time. Filter and search, export the data in a spreadsheet format for sharing and custom analysis.

This interactive graph gives you precise insights into how places, antecedents, behaviors,  and consequences are related.

Frequency Report

Birdhouse ABC gives teachers and therapists the tools to substantially lower the data tracking effort for ABC charting and enables interactive reports to answer the questions you care about.

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Birdhouse ABC FAQ

What is ABC Analysis?
Birdhouse ABC is an app for direct observation of student behavior within a student's environment. "A" refers to the Antecedent, or the event or activity that immediately precedes a problem behavior. The "B" refers to observed Behavior, and "C" refers to the Consequence, or the event that immediately follows a response. For example, a student who is not working on his class assignment may react by throwing objects when their teacher tells him to finish the task. The teacher may discover verbal requests to work or absence of attention are antecedents that trigger problem behavior. The consequence may be that the teacher sends the student to the office every time they show problematic behavior. Over several observation sessions, it may become clear that the student is engaging in problem behavior to escape from his class assignment.

Why do I need an app for ABC tracking and reporting?
The Birdhouse ABC Chart organizes information over several observation sessions by recording the types of behaviors observed and the events that precede and follow the behavior. Observing, recording, and interactive reporting of ABC data assists the team in forming a hypothesis statement and gathering evidence that the function maintaining a problem behavior has been identified. Historically, maintaining an ABC Chart was associated with intensive time commitment by the teacher for entering and reporting on ABC data. Birdhouse ABC is estimated to reduce the teacher's time burden by up to 90% overall, which is especially relevant when ABC tracking
become a bottleneck for the teacher's capacity in the classroom.

What is the Tracking Profile?
Birdhouse ABC offers a unique tracking profit for each student and problematic behavior in focus. Teachers configure the tracking profile so that relevant and specific tracking options can be easily entered. The ABC Chart adds a new, time stamped line item for each additional ABC observation.

How do I use the Report?
The ABC Chart itself provides a sequential diary type overview of ABC observations in the classroom. In addition, Birdhouse ABC offers unique, real-time queries that answer specific questions such as:
 What is the frequency of the problematic behavior in different places?
 Which antecedent is most frequently associated with the problematic behavior?
 Which consequences are most frequently applied for the problematic behavior?
 Is there a difference in the use of consequences depending on location, for example, home vs classroom?

Future upgrades of the ABC tracking report with enable a range of additional analyses, such as longitudinal tracking and functional analyses. Send us your feedback after using the current version of Birdhouse ABC to guide our development plan.

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