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Birdhouse puts you in control of your child's progress and outcomes with an app to help you stay organized, sane, and on top of it all. It's used daily by parents all over the world.

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LoginHow It Workskeep track of all the supplements my son needs to take throughout the dayget my son into a better special education classroom where he'll really succeed!solve my daughter's sleep issues and reduce her meltdowns.Teachers









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  • #1 Special Needs app 2013
  • Ranked as 1 of the 5 apps you need for your child with special needs

"By logging details related to time, environment, etc. on a consistent basis, we were able to identify triggers that over-stimulated the child and made it difficult to go to sleep. We found this app to be highly valuable in assisting caregivers to identify patterns and problem solve new strategies to assist with daily living skills in children diagnosed with ASD."

"This app is a dream for any parent with a child on the Autism spectrum or really any child with special needs. Parents can easily record and track sleep, mood, poop, meltdowns, appointments and now even food intake. There is even an other section to allow personalization for whatever else a parent wants to record."



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