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Caregiving & health tracking apps for individuals, parents, & caregivers.

We believe that every family should have access to technology that can help them organize the most important aspects of their loved ones' care. Our current focus is on equipping parents and caregivers raising children with developmental disabilities with the tools they need to help their children thrive.


Birdhouse for Autism helps parents & caregivers identify behavioral patterns and figure out what is & isn't working in their approach to their children's care.

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Special Needs

Birdhouse for Special Needs helps parents and caregivers organize & coordinate important health information regarding their child's disability.

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Birdhouse for Epilepsy helps parents, caregivers, and individuals living with Epilepsy monitor progress over time and evaluate interventions.

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Birdhouse for Teachers helps teachers track, organize, and share important information about students in a special education environment. 

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Birdhouse for Families helps parents and caregivers keep important health information about family members in an organized, searchable place.

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Birdhouse for Seniors helps individuals caring for the aging and elderly organize important information about their care and share it with the people they trust.

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Birdhouse empowers parents & caregivers around the world to take control and understand their children in new ways.

My son has multiple disabilities. Birdhouse has been life changing for my family. This is the first time that I’ve successfully been able to collect data on a daily basis for my son’s therapists and doctors. It’s easy to use and so efficient.

"Birdhouse has been a godsend for me and my family. We've provided access to all of my son's teachers and it's allowed for us to really experience what is going on with him at school in a very easy way."

"I recommend Birdhouse to any parent who wants a better understanding of their child and more control over their child's progress. In the coming years, this tool may revolutionize how we care for kids."

Michelle Soto

Child age 7

Founder of Wish Upon A Teen

Jen Pike

Child age 11

Dr. Mira Krishnan, Ph.D., ABPP

Director, The Hope Network Center for Autism

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Birdhouse helps you and your loved ones make more progress & improve quality of life with technology that puts you in control.

Learn more about the communities we support:


We partner with employers who want to support their team members living with chronic conditions, and those raising children / caring for loved ones with disabilities.

We partner with organizations serving disability and disease communities, to engage with them in cross-promotional marketing initiatives and providing white label apps that increase patient/community engagement.

Non-profit Organizations

We partner with insurers to help them reduce costs and improve retention by empowering individuals to provide better care for themselves and their families.

Health Insurers

Therapy, Diagnostic, & Medical Clinics

We partner with clinics to support the caregiving needs of patients' families & to facilitate higher quality and more consistent data collection on patients between appointments.

A Birdhouse partnership means empowering the people you serve.

Get in touch– we'd love to have a conversation with you.

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