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Birdhouse keeps you organized, sane, and in control by giving you the tools to track your child's day-to-day, so you can figure out what's working and what needs to change.

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for Autism

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Made for parents raising kids with Autism.

Ben and I built Birdhouse for us, for you, and for the millions of families just like ours around the world. Like you may be doing now, we were recording our daughter's daily activities in a paper notebook in an attempt to learn more about why she did the things we did, and whether the various supplements, meds, and therapies we tried were helping her reach her highest potential. Birdhouse has made that so much easier, and has helped thousands of families and their kiddos in the process. We hope it helps you, too.


Birdhouse has the tools to help you succeed.

Post all kinds of activities to your child's Activity timeline to keep track of important things throughout the day.

Each day is documented, so you can easily report to doctors and therapists, check off when meds were given, and find behavioral patterns.

"I recommend Birdhouse for Autism for any parent who wants a better understanding of their child and more control over their child's progress. In the coming years, this tool may revolutionize how we care for kids."

Dr. Mira C. Krishnan, Ph.D., ABPP

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