"I recommend Birdhouse for Autism for any parent who wants a better understanding of their child and more control over their child's progress. In the coming years, this tool may revolutionize how we care for kids."

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Birdhouse is the next generation of note-taking.

Parents around the world love how simple and straightforward Birdhouse is.

With these helpful features, it's easy to get up and running!

Track what's relevant

Unlike pencil and paper, everything you record is instantly backed up to the cloud, so you'll never lose a single note again.

Birdhouse from anywhere

With the Birdhouse iPhone & Android apps, post new activities, scroll through your week, and see what's coming up ahead. Search, filter, and manage multiple children on the go.

Keep track of therapists past and present, along with how often your child receives their services.

Your team, at a glance

Virtual medicine cabinet

Store info on your child's meds, supplements, and more, for that important phone call or just for safe keeping.

Convenience is a top priority, so any medication or therapy assigned to reoccur will automatically appear in your child's Calendar.

Recurring items like meds, supplements, & therapies appear each day according to the schedule you assign them. All you have to do is mark them Complete.

Built for busy people

Schedules for recurring events

Even more features, all within the same app.

Food Tracking

Isolate & Compare

Sleep & Wake Durations

Multiple User Accounts

Helpdesk Support

Add Notes To Activities

No more switching between half a dozen different applications.

Do everything you need to do with Birdhouse, 

and all your information stays in one place.

"I've recommended you to a zillion peeps!"

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Dr. Mira C. Krishnan, Ph.D ABPP

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“I tell all of my clients about Birdhouse.” ­

Darla Bailey, ABA therapist and mom to a child with Autism


Your child's Autism journal, 2.0

Add events to your

child's Timeline.

Choose from Sleep, Medications, Mood, Therapies, Poop, Meltdowns, Food, and text.